build a bridge & get over it .

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why do teenage boys care about if a girl is a virgin or not like are you that eager to be the first to disappoint me 

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"My mind is a galaxy but you never bothered to stargaze"

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if you had your first kiss at 13 that’s cool

if you’ve never kissed anyone and you’re 21 that’s cool too

don’t judge your life and your experiences based on the experiences of others because at the end of the day there are kids on broadway whose lives make yours look like shit no matter when you nerds get your first kiss

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internet porn in the early 2000s


*dial up noise* *googles bikini girl* *one line of pixels loads every 30 seconds* *suddenly stops before the cleavage* NOOOOOOOOOOOO MUM WHY’D YOU HAVE TO ANSWER THE PHONE

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things to do, places to see: summer 2014


How to know which boy you like:

1. Get very drunk

2. You will cry about the boy you like

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this puppy is NOT wearing a seatbelt

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my dad just recently learned about “omg”